FREE Moisture Measurement Slide Rule

Michell Instruments has produced an absolute humidity and relative humidity slide rule.
It was made with the customer in mind and provides the user with a fast, clear and simple  slide rule formula. The useful tool also includes practical definitions and equations such as the equation for ppmv and the way of calculating a given saturation vapour pressure.

The front, ”Michell” side of the slide rule calculates absolute humidity allowing the user to align measured dewpoint value with the operating pressure and then read the moisture content (ppmv) clearly and concisely. The user can then reverse the process to calculate dewpoint at pressure from ppmv. The reverse, or “Rense” side of the calculator allows the user to set temperature (°C or °F) at a given relative humidity and then calculate the dewpoint. This process can then be reversed to calculate % RH at temperature from dewpoint.

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